Four Ways to Update Your Site’s Content

There are many businesses in the world today that still believe once their web site is launched their on-site work is complete. Instead, businesses today should adopt the thought that their web-site is a living breathing “animal” so to speak. Animals require regular care and nurturing and your web-site does, too! Identifying ways to increase and renew content is a way to regularly care for your website, offering a great user experience for site visitors and will bring more traffic to your site.

Navigation Pages
These pages in most cases showcase your main business services. These services and the information about these services may not change regularly, but it is important to make sure your information is correct and current. It is also important to link to supporting content that is relevant to these products. Linking to additional pages helps create a useful experience for the user by giving them options when they are finished reading the information on the current page.

Supporting Content
Supporting content is a great way to help people who are using your site, a way to communicate with someone who is performing research about your product. Pretend like you are someone that has never used your product and doesn’t understand the process. Now, how can you educate them on your product and walk them through the process? Determine common questions about your product and write additional pages about these topics. If people are searching for these answers in the search engine then you can provide them the answer, and hopefully the product too.

News & Press
Share great things that are going on within your company. Allowing users to get to know you is a great thing. Show them who you really are and allow them to be a part of it! Did you hire a new employee or open a new office? Let them know about the company and the people that work with you. This is also a great way to share industry news or your company newsletter. The biggest thing here is to continually update your news and press section if you have one. Whether it is once a month or weekly be sure you stick with a schedule so that users won’t be disappointed.

Utilizing a blog on your site allows you to show that you are an expert and helps potential clients use your product. If you sell garden hoses, you can blog about watering schedules for annual plants. This will help someone water their plants and keep their garden looking great. It may not create a customer immediately, but if you continue to offer valuable information chances are they will come back to your site again and share your information with their friends and one day purchase a garden hose from you.

If your site doesn’t offer updated, valuable information it is likely that users will not find it useful and may not spend time on your site or return later for additional information. Your web-site is a powerful tool and has the potential to daily create new business for you, but it won’t be able to do this effectively without bringing in new visitors and keeping them engaged with you and your brand.

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