Five Things to Avoid in Internet Marketing

If you’re a business owner looking into Internet marketing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the information out there and the sheer number of options available. When meeting with Internet marketing professionals, it’s important to go with someone whose goals align with your own and who doesn’t exhibit any of these red flags:

  1. Overreliance on One Tactic.  Effective Internet marketing is a combination of many different tactics. There is no such thing as one “magic bullet” that will automatically increase visibility and sales. Anyone who spends all of their time on one tactic, e.g. building links, is vulnerable to being penalized by the next Google algorithm update.
  2. Promises of Instant Results.  Sometimes Internet marketing efforts do pay off fairly quickly, but anyone who promises X after they do Y—who doesn’t work for Google—should be looked at with some suspicion. It should be looked at as more of a marathon than a sprint: Internet marketing works best when it’s a sustained and steady effort over time.
  3. No Data or Reporting.  Traditional marketing has always had some difficulty proving that their advertising or communications efforts paid off. It can be hard to tell if someone bought something from your store after seeing a billboard. But Internet marketing has many tools available to show results, including information about where website traffic came from and what actions visitors took. Beware of anyone who isn’t able to produce a report to show you the results of their efforts.
  4. Resistance to Change.  The Internet marketing industry changes. A lot. Keeping up with the latest updates and adjusting as we go isn’t an option, it’s mandatory if you want to survive and remain effective. More than that, adaptability is key when executing any Internet marketing strategy. Because we’re able to see the results of our efforts, we are also able to see when something we’re doing isn’t working and change our approach accordingly.
  5. Buzzwords and Jargon.  Internet marketing can be intimidating and seem complicated, but there’s no reason why the work can’t be broken down and explained in layman’s terms. Business owners should always be able to understand what’s happening to their website and online presence.

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