Finding the Right Social Networks for your Business

We all know today’s online search is strongly influenced by social signals.  What business owners and even marketers don’t realize is that having an account on Facebook, twitter or Google+, doesn’t mean it’s benefitting you the way it should be in search.  Finding the right social network for your business is most important.


Know Your Audience

Considering your audience could be the most beneficial consideration you make in regards to social media.  If you’re in a news heavy market, twitter could be valuable because it provides you quick insight into industry news, and allows you to connect effectively with those resources, while easily sharing that news with your customers and other industry influencers.

Know the Benefit Social Networks Could Provide you

The biggest mistake many business owners and marketers make is trying to fit a business into a social media strategy it’s not built for.  Take Pinterest for instance.  If your products aren’t easily consumed, shared or visually engaging it may not be the best choice to develop an internet marketing strategy around.  On the other hand home builders, interior designers, clothing lines and other visually appealing content creators could rely heavily on Pinterest for quality engagement and see benefit from a constructed strategy around it.

Know the Less Known

There are plenty of social networks out there with specific industries in mind.  Let’s take the prior mentioned interior designers or home builders for instance.  While Pinterest and Facebook would both be valuable resources to focus time on, working into a niche resource such as Houzz, Wists or Style Hive could provide invaluable.  Many of these sites allow for social bookmarking and sharing similar to Pinterest, with a design minded focus.  Some even allow for professional/company profile creation.  Knowing these less known resources may be able to tap into new segments of markets you’ve yet to touch.

Trust Google

Considering Google has transitioned their places listings to Google+, as I explained in a previous post, it’s important to spend time claiming and developing your identity within their social media sphere.  We know they are valuing the influence of company reviews and information from their social network is collecting, so it’s important to trust their focus on this, and seriously consider your identity through Google+.

Social is changing search as we’ve seen recently in almost every aspect of the search experience.  Search aside, social could also prove to be the tipping point for finding new, trusting customers if you spend the time in the right place, getting to know them. Please contact us to learn more!