Facebook inches past Google for web users' time

Employers are constantly worried about how their employees spend their time while at work. comScore Inc recently revealed some interesting statistics about web usage that may turn the heat up for many of those worried employers.

In August 2010, Internet users in the United States spent 41.1 million minutes (that's 28,541.67 days) on Facebook. That's the equivalent of 9.9% of ALL Internet usage!!

Google's share of the time pie equaled 39.8 million minutes (27,638.88 days), or 9.96. This included time on their search engine, in their free email program, on YouTube and on Google News.

The third most used website was Yahoo, with 37.7 million minutes (26,180.55 days), or 9.1%.

What is interesting to know about these numbers is the way they've changed over the past few years. In August of 2007, Yahoo dominated the time surfers spent online with more than 12% share, to Google's 4% and Facebook's 2%.

This data was gathered from a panel of more than 2 million users. This shows that the time spent posting photos, updating status messages and scrolling through news from friends has at least grown to rival just about everything else people do online.

Here is some scary math that may shed some light on how much time people are REALLY spending online. These three websites account for nearly 1/3 of all Internet usage in the United States. That's over 81,000 DAYS on 3 websites. Interesting. For more information, contact us.