Even More Free Market Research Tools

Last week I talked about how you can utilize the Facebook ad creation tool to get some quick, location- and interest-based market research. And for free! But the free market research doesn't stop there, folks. Using tools provided for free by Yahoo! and Microsoft (Bing), you can get a more complete demographics picture from data that isn't exclusively from Facebook users.

Microsoft AdLabs

There are a few tools offered by AdLabs, but the Demographic Prediction is my favorite. Simply type in any keyword and it will show you the percentage of searchers for that keyword by gender and age.


You can also check the same data by clicking URL option and typing in a website name. You can find some interesting info on your competitors using this feature.

Other tools offered by AdLabs include Detecting Online Commercial Intention, Keyword Volume Forecasting, and Keyword Search Funnels to determine sequences of searched keywords.

Yahoo! Search Clues

Yahoo! Search Clues gives you a little more demographic data, some of which is really helpful. When you type in a keyword on the left it gives you a few nuggets of data, including...

  • Recent search volume trending:


  • Gender, age, and combined demographic breakdown:


  • Income breakdown (this one seems to be the most off-the-mark within the tool) and highest geographic concentration of searches per capita:



    (Full Media make a good choice to set up their internet marketing in Georgia)

  • And finally, the probable previous and next user searches:



But keep in mind...

As with the Facebook research, the data for these tools must be taken with a dose of skepticism. Each tool displays data based on their own user base, so keep in mind they may skew towards the demographics of that particular search product.

On the flip side, the best thing about all of these tools is that it's based on recent data. It's often difficult to find up to date market research statistics, especially for new and growing industries. It's also a struggle to find any information for non-traditional, smaller, or niche industries. Much less for FREE!  Please contact us to learn more!