Dreams, drudgery and hope: what’s the difference?

It all comes down to vision.

@JohnCMaxwell cited an anonymous source when he tweeted, “A vision w/o a task is but a dream. A task w/o a vision is drudgery. A vision with a task is the hope of the world."

So many businesses, great and small, have dreams – dreams to conquer challenges, influence people, earn respect and make a difference. Yet, too many of these businesses want to grasp extraordinary visions without stipulating clear agendas on how to obtain them. We’d never build a house without a blue print or run a marathon without a training plan; yet, in the business world, too many people seek to obtain a vision without first investing the time to create a path towards it.

Businesses reach their visions by implementing strategic agendas. These agendas, as articulated by John C. Maxwell, are comprised of tasks, and they are formed over time through careful planning. While some may be daily tasks, others might be monthly or yearly. Yet, one thing is for certain: each of these tasks guides a company closer towards its vision.

Through tasks, companies have daily, month and yearly guidelines on how to reach an end goal. Without these tasks, companies only have visions that are nebulous and open for interpretation; they are simply dreams, according to Maxwell.

By developing and implementing task-oriented agendas, companies formulate a game plan – a game plan that serves to remind people why they are there and what they are seeking. Tasks are no longer completed blindly or arbitrarily; rather, they are completed thoughtfully and strategically.

Through agendas, there is purpose behind every undertaking. As companies unite under one vision, they will begin to conquer challenges, influence people, earn respect and make a difference…one day at a time. Now, it’s no longer work: it’s a mission.

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