Content Strategies for Your Newsletter

No matter how much experience you have in creating email newsletters, finding the right balance of content is not always easy. Ultimately, you want your newsletter to positively impact your business. As tempting as it is to focus exclusively on content that results in sales or other tangible, quantifiable goals, taking such a singular approach can often backfire.  

While those goals are certainly legitimate and should be a part of your strategy, your newsletter’s primary purpose is to further the relationship between your company and your customers. Let’s look at some simple content strategies that can help push that relationship in the right direction.

Short ‘n Sweet
One of the keys to a quality newsletter is fighting the urge to stuff as much information as you can into it. Less is certainly more when it comes to email newsletters. A clean, simple format with only a few items is what appeals to people’s eyes and minds. 

Have defined breaks in your newsletter between items and keep it cleanly formatted. Too many colored fonts, bold words, linked text, and font sizes are not aesthetically appealing and distract readers. Use these items sparingly and only to highlight highly important items.

Instead of including a full article on a given subject, just include a nice little teaser with a link to read the full article on your website.  Utilizing bullet points can also be a good way to stick to the important points, while making it easy for your readers. Keeping  your information blocks short in a newsletter is not only appealing to the user, but also gives you a great opportunity to include a link to your website or social media page.  A customer cannot engage with you directly on a newsletter, but they can if you provide them with the tools and information with which to do so.  Appropriately providing information and links facilitates interactions.

Be the Customer
Sometimes it makes sense to take a step back and envision yourself as the customer. Do you really want to read an email that is full of sales pitches and product information? Probably not. If you are having an exciting sale or want to feature an interesting new product, you should absolutely feature it on your newsletter; however, include other information like tips, guides, and information that would be useful to your customers.  Newsletters should be fun and informative, not glorified catalogues. Always give your customers a reason for opening your email other than simply benefiting from purchasing your product.

Content is King
One wonderful aspect about email newsletters is that there are many ways in which you can provide valuable content to your customers. Yes, you want to feature your bread and butter items with sales, featured products, and other items that are crucial to the profitability of your company, but you have the ability to do so much more.

Provide information that enhances your customers’ lives, while spicing up your newsletter with giveaways, contests, customer photos, videos, and other captivating items.  Utilize your website and social media platforms to cross-promote to give your customers more options to engage with you.  Regardless of your approach, keep your eye on the goal: keep it clean, simple, fun, informative, and always show that it is the relationship that matters, not just the bottom line.

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