Are you new to SEO?

If you thought you knew a great deal about marketing and the vastly evolving word we live in…wait until you truly understand SEO. With continuous technological advancements in today's society, businesses are now using the internet as their main source of marketing. The most prominently viewed print items, local newspaper, phonebook, yellow page advertisements, magazines and books are now offered on the web and available to you. Both businesses and individuals are now able to gain a more broad range of exposure, reaching an entirely new audience, whether it is through a website, email marketing, social media, onsite advertisements or blog posts. While the company you perceive as your main competitor may be located down the street and targeting the same demographic, what businesses fail to consider is their online competition. This includes businesses that are not direct neighbors but are attracting the same target area through their existence on the web. Businesses are now competing with other non-local companies within the same industry, but whose websites are receiving better rankings in search engine results. An internet marketing strategy can improve a website's ranking by gaining more visibility through search results and appearances on other websites.

Search Engine Optimization is very similar to a jigsaw puzzle with hundreds of pieces perfectly fitting together to form one big picture. Once you have completed the puzzle you gain a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction for achieving your goal. I have learned as a newly emerging Internet Marketer, our goal is ultimately to grow a client's business. What is SEO one might ask? Search Engine Optimization refers to the many components contributing to a websites ranking in search engines. Search Engines use confidential algorithms to determine a site's ranking by how relevant that site is to the user's search inquiry. It requires several steps to optimize a site and missing one step could affect the site's ranking entirely. It is also important to keep in mind that what works for some clients and a particular industry may not always work for another. Presence on the web is inadequate if unnoticed. SEO enables a website to gain more search traffic through implementing efforts both on site and off site.

Whether the purpose of your website is to inform or to sell, it is highly beneficial to gain a better knowledge of your audience and their motive for arriving on your site. Who are you attracting, what intrigued their interest, where are they located, did they find what they were searching for or did you gain a prospective customer? One keyword typed into a search engine can provide a wealth of valuable information for a business. As an SEO we analyze trends through how much traffic your site is receiving, what pages are driving that traffic and the amount of time the user spent on that specific page. These measurable factors emphasize points of interest generating new focal areas that could drive new business.

With search engine's new discoveries and constant development algorithmic additions, the internet marketing strategy is affected. These changes significantly influence the contributing steps to conducting SEO. The innovations keep Internet Marketers on their toes, waiting for the next enhancement to learn and conquer; always another puzzle for a different day keeping things interesting. Please contact us to learn more!