A New Kind of Web Company

Traditionally, web providers have fallen into two categories: freelancers and professional agencies.

Most freelancers are less expensive, but they usually have a more limited skill set. And since many freelancers provide web design or internet marketing services only after they’ve finished their "day job," they are not always as reliable as you would like.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is the traditional web agency. These agencies may have a broader range of skills and expertise, but for a variety of reasons, professional agencies can often be more expensive than they need to be.

As the internet continues to mature, consumers are realizing that they need to hire real professional help but without paying unreasonable fees. But where do you go? Fortunately, there are a few web companies that are building their business around offering a high level of expertise and service for a fairer price.

These companies are not just a couple guys working in their basement. But they also don't look down their noses at people not able to spend $30,000 on their web strategy. They are just real people offering real service to companies and organizations that want to better use the internet as a part of their growth strategy.

And regardless of what industry you're in, it is the companies that truly seek to serve others that eventually win. For more information contact us.