A little of that human touch – using the power of testimonials to improve conver

The Internet and the advent of social media have indisputably revolutionized the marketing world, which continues to evolve toward a more personalized experience for each user who logs on for answers to their questions and solutions to their needs. As the web moves toward an individually customized experience, reviews play an increasing role in giving consumers the information they need to convert to customers.
Since the ancient days of early commerce, no marketing tool has been more powerful than  word-of-mouth; hearing that a neighbor or family member has had a good experience provides the pre-qualified consumer with evidence of a quality service. Supporting your business’ website with the human touch of a well-structured testimonials section can make all the difference in growing your client base.  Testimonials are as close as you can get to preserving the value of a word-of-mouth referral. If you know you have made a client happy, reach out to them and request an interview!
If you already have a testimonials page in place, consider what’s been posted so far. Vague statements are a start, but “Thank you so much for a great experience!” isn’t enough for a customer who is taking a few moments to consider whether or not they should part with their money for your product. You want to give your potential clients a clear picture: a detailed testimonial sets up expectations and substantiates the products or services you offer.
Speaking of clear pictures, supplement testimonials with images or videos documenting each step of your service. This provides prospective clients with tangible results and gives them the confidence to crack open their wallet. Make sure the rich media you post reflects a positive experience and that your videos or photos are shot with a good quality camera.

Sometimes it can be difficult getting a customer to provide specific details about their experience with your business. Compose a short list of questions to serve as the backbone for your testimonials; people have a much easier time finding words when they are guided with the right prompts. That said, make sure you aren’t putting words in their mouth and ensure that the final published product preserves a sincere and honest tone.
Before you publish a testimonial, make sure you have your client’s permission. Allow them to review what will be attributed to their name, and ask if you can provide their full name and hometown along with the published statement.
Remember that authenticity is the most important aspect of your testimonials — they exist to lend your business credibility. Underhanded and misleading endorsements violate the Federal Trade Commission’s standards and will inevitably come to haunt your online reputation. Always strive to be transparent and genuine, and let your satisfied customers do the talking.