8 Proven Methods of Promoting Your Business Online

I think it is safe to assume your company has a website. If not, then I suggest you go back to playing mine sweeper on your computer because this blog won’t make much sense to you. For everyone else, I have listed below 8 proven methods for promoting your business online.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The value of your business being found at the exact moment someone is looking for what you provide is priceless. SEO is the process maximizing your website’s exposure in the search engines for relevant keywords and phrases. Although you may think you know what your potential customers/clients are searching for, you may be surprised what those keywords actually are. Keyword research and the organization of targeted keywords based on volume and relevancy can be extremely valuable when you are trying to decide which keywords to focus on with your SEO strategy. Remember, that rankings don’t necessarily matter. Traffic and conversions are what is key to a success SEO strategy.
  2. Pay per click (PPC) – The upside to PPC advertising is you are only charged for actual clicks into your website. The downside however is you may be spending too much if you don’t spend the proper time making adjustments to your campaign. You may think ranking #1 for a keyword in PPC advertising is where you need to be, but the most important goal is achieving a high click through rate, a low cost per click, and improving your site’s conversion rates month after month.
  3. Retargeting – Did you know you can serve up online ads to a potential customer/client of yours if they meet specific criteria, all of which you are able to set? Retargeting works by placing a tracking cookie on the computers of those that have visited your website in the past. As they click away from your site and onto other website’s, they start seeing your ad showing up on other websites. Retargeting is valuable because of the criteria you are able to set. Say you want to retarget a visitor to your site that visited your contact us page, but didn’t fill out the form. Perhaps they got a little cold feet about you and wanted to check out your competition. Retargeting will help you stay in front of them, even while they are away on other websites.
  4.  Video – Statistics have shown that website visitors are more likely to watch a video than to read content. Video is more compelling and it gives you a creative way to talk about your products or services. Think about how video will help accentuate your business while helping you hold on to the visitors that come to your site a little while longer.
  5. Email marketing – Anyone that agrees to provide their email address for more information can expect a follow up email with more information or upcoming promotions. Email marketing is a fantastic way to communicate with people who have already given you permission to communicate with. Don’t abuse the privilege however. It’s just as easy for a person to opt out of your email as it is for them to sign up.
  6. Yellow Pages – If you think this is a good method of promoting your website, then you are probably already doing yellow page ads. Do your business a favor and end all yellow page ads and invest that money in a method that can track your investment such as PPC or SEO.
  7. Blogging – Not all content has to be buttoned-up and polished (after all, you are reading this blog). Create a blog on your company’s website and talk about the things that pertain to your business. You may be surprised just how many people will visit and comment on what you have to say.
  8. Social media – Much like email marketing, social media is an outlet that allows you to communicate with those that are interested in what you have to offer. The key to social media is listening. Don’t use it as a tool to always “push” your product or service. Use social media as a helpful tool to listen to what people are saying about the types of products or services you provide. Engage with individuals and create a dialogue.

The tips above are 8 of the most common things you can do to start marketing your business online. The key to any successful marketing/advertising campaign is being able to track your investment, and online marketing is the most proven method of doing so.

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