6 Tips for Creating Sharable Content

Whether you’re a professional writer/blogger or writing for the company you work for, everyone wants their content to be shared. But how do you write something that people will want to read and pass along? There are several tactics for creating good content but here are 6 simple tips to follow when writing:

1. Have a good title

Make sure the title is informative. The reader should know something about what they’re going to read from the title alone. This will help people who are looking for information on your topic find your article or webpage.

When possible, create an intriguing title (without sacrificing clarity). Having an eye-catching and intriguing title will help draw readers to what you’ve written.

2. Be current

Write about topics that are current: pop-culture, current events, holidays, seasons, industry trends.

For example, if you work for a lawn care company, you may write some helpful leaf-raking tips in the fall. A dentist may write about additional ways to protect your teeth during the holidays because of the increased consumption of sugary treats. An insurance company might discuss the Affordable Care Act.
3. Respond quickly

Whenever you are writing about current goings-on, you must do so quickly. Do you want to write about a viral topic circulating the Internet? Jump on the bandwagon as quickly as possible! If you wait too long, you risk the chance of no one needing the information anymore or being outranked by other articles that have already gained momentum.

4. Provide valuable information

Provide information that people actually want and need to hear. Never write just to write. Make sure you have a significant purpose and something to say. Explain a complicated process or (if relevant to you and your industry) a confusing political debate or policy change, for example.

Anyone can write something. The difference between writing and successful writing is producing something that offers value to the reader. The value can be anything: information, humor, inspiration, etc.

Pay attention to what people need, to what your customers or fans need, and write for them.

5. Write and format simply and clearly

An article heavy with text and little segmentation can be very unappealing to a reader. One glance at a bunch of dense content and they may quickly move on to something they can read through easier.  

Create a format that isn’t cumbersome or overwhelming. Keep paragraphs short and use headings so that the reader knows where one thought ends and another begins. Headings, paragraphs, bolds, italics, and proper punctuation can change the entire experience for a reader.

6. Use graphics

Use relevant photos, graphics and charts to help supplement the content. Some people are visual learners. By utilizing graphics, you may help the reader fully grasp the concept.

In addition, a good and interesting photo can help pull readers to your page or article. It’s this reality that helps make Pinterest such a success. Choose photos that are reflective of the content’s topic but also intriguing and appealing.
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