4 Search Marketing Trends to Know Now

Every year, top minds in Internet and search engine marketing come together to present on and discuss the latest industry trends at Search Exchange. Topics from paid search advertising to public relations are covered by some of the industry’s’ brightest at this East coast conference. All of Full Media’s offices were well represented at Search Exchange this summer and we could not help but share some of our findings with our clients, colleagues and Full Media friends.

What You Should  Know

1. Spend Time & Allocate Budget on Social Media 

Utilizing social networks is a great way to build relationships between brands and their customers while simultaneously generating digital clout. Not all social campaigns will have the same viral impact that Old Spice had when Isauah Mustafa shared how to “Smell Like a Man” on YouTube. Still, there are some ways to leverage social networks to build trust and increase your word of mouth today:

  • Utilize promoted posts and Facebook ads to target your message toward a highly tailored audience. These tactics can help you gain a high volume of impressions and qualified website traffic at a low cost.
  • Optimize your presence on Google+. This platform will still impact your search engine position.
  • Take your social postings to the next level by adding custom graphics. Platforms like Twitter are allowing media beyond text and you can use multimedia posts to overcome limited character parameters.  
  • There are niche social networks WAITING for you to leverage them. Start thinking like your customer and join them today.

2. Consider Call Analytics

You might be trying custom event tracking on your website phone number or even taking the next step in understanding customer calls through click-to-call tracking on AdWords ads. Using these metrics is the first step toward implementing comprehensive call analytics into your Internet marketing analysis. These data points are a great way to help justify the need to invest in a more robust call analytics service.

Beyond tracking the number of phone calls from specific marketing channels, call analytics can help determine the level of engagement callers have and even what calls led to a sale. Phone trees, call forwarding numbers, time tracking and sentiment analysis are all part of call analytics. These insights have the potential to take your marketing to the next level.

3. Humanize Pay-Per-Click Ads

When you look at search engine results today, you will notice that pay per click ads are taking up more and more real estate. With that in mind, the competition for pay per click advertisements is only going to grow. For some, this will mean high bids for first page positioning and general increase in overall budgetary needs to remain relevant in the pay per click space.

Instead of focusing on bids, take time to audit the SERP and find ways to differentiate your ad copy from the competition. All you need is one quality ad that appeals to the person on the other side of the screen to be successful. Think like your consumer and appeal to their needs, wants and emotional desires when righting ad copy for search engines.

4. Schema is Here to Stay… We have all heard about Schema and many of us have dabbled and experimented with this language. Schema is a shared HTML markup language and is recognized by Bing, Google, Yahoo and Yandex.  This was created to help optimize your website content for search engines by giving context to the words on your webpage.

While we have not seen a direct correlation between webpages using structured data and search engine ranking, it is important to note that this language was created and promoted by the major search engines that we market in.

The next year is going to be an exciting year for Internet marketing.  Advanced analytics, cross channel marketing and new ways to optimize your webpage content will certainly make for a year of knowledge gaining and growing.

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