3 Steps to Avoid Poor On-Site Content

Can you summarize your company in one sentence? If your answer is “no,” you might also be struggling with writing the “About Us” section on your website. Developing good on-site content is intrical to the SEO process. We understand it’s easy to get stuck using elevated, industry-specific language on your website. Unfortunately, using vague or very sophisticated keywords can hurt both your online brand awareness and your chances of being found in a search. Too much jargon on your website could send potential customers back to the search bar. Here are a few tips to keep them on your website:

1)       Narrow your focus on the homepage.

After some good keyword research, pick one phrase that describes your company the best. Doing this exercise will help you narrow your focus when writing your homepage content. Start with a few good phrases, and then choose one that is accurate, compelling and unique. Incorporate it into your title and header.  For instance, if you sell plants, are you a "flower shop" or a "gardening supply store?" There might be only a subtle difference, but picking one will help other people understand exactly who you are. Be sure to avoid muddy, keyword rich phrases like, “boutique flower shop, nursery, garden center and tractor supply.” Your future customers will appreciate the clarity.

2)       Choose keywords that your prospective audience will understand.
Think about all of the people that need your services or products, but don’t know about your company. What are they looking for? Choose keywords that will speak to them, and keep it simple. For instance, if Jack wants to buy flowers for Lisa, does he search for "florist" or "flower shop?" (Personally, I think he would search for "flower shop.") On the other hand, if Stephanie wants to buy flowers for her wedding, does she search for "flower shop" or "wedding florist?" Keep your ideal customer in mind when you choose keywords. Speaking their language will help them find your website.

3)       Be precise and authentic.
Your brand will gain awareness when qualified customers find precisely what they are looking for, so best to tell them precisely what you have to offer. Be authentic and open. There are no secret words or shortcuts that magically open doors to revenue. If you sell petunias but most people search for roses, rebranding as “The Rose Shop” would be deceptive. Somebody out there is searching for petunias, and you want them to find your website. When writing your on-site content, remember that prospective clients are already searching for your business, and using accurate language will help them find you. Authenticity builds trust, and trustworthy websites gain loyal customers.

You can build brand awareness, trust and loyalty through your website just like anywhere else. Using accurate language will help more people find your website for the right reason. Take the time to narrow your focus on the homepage, choose accurate keywords, and write authentic content. Your future customers will thank you for it!

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