10 Common Twitter Mistakes

1) Automated tweets

Social media is all about two-way communication. No one likes to see you just throw up "spam" on a regular basis. Canned responses and "standard" posts will be seen with little to no value. Be unique. Be relevant. Be available. Be real.


2) Being repetitive

Surely you can come up with something to share each time you turn to Twitter. Be better than saying the same thing over and over again. Come up with something catchy, without just rearranging the words from your last post.


3) Share, share and share

Twitter is all about getting the word out on a specific topic. Be sure that you're helping others get the word out about their posts. Retweet things on a regular basis, and add a quick blurb about why you think others should read the post. This helps to show that it's not always all about you.


4) It's not all about you

One of the biggest mistakes people make is feeling like they only "have" to share their own work. Spread the love! Do more than just posting things that link back to your own website. Remember, there are 644 Million other websites you can link to that have valuable content to share.


5)Less is more

There is a reason that tweets have a character limit. Be short, be brief and get to the point. Long-winded tweets can turn people off and steer them in the wrong direction. Too much shorthand can have people scratching their heads. Too many words can force you to come up short on your delivery.

Twitter Mistakes

6) More is less

It has been said that the average attention span of a human being is quite short. Don't post the same thing over and over each day (see item #2 above). And don't post 10,000 times per day. Make sure that people come to the realization that what you post is valid and useful; it will make them focus on your tweets more often.


7) Think twice, tweet once

People on Twitter have a good memory. Be sure you think through your posts before you make them. Once they are said, they are permanent and will have an impact. Take a deep breath and think twice before you make each post. Make sure it says what you intend it to say; everyone reads into things a little differently.


8) Check direct messages

People may like what you say and may want to talk to you privately about something. Be sure you're checking said messages so that you don't lose out on an opportunity to continue a conversation someone wants to have with you.


9) Have a goal in mind

Make sure that each tweet you post has a goal in mind. Are you sharing information about an event? Are you promoting a new product/service? Are you asking for feedback? Be direct with what you say, but make sure it's obvious what you're intending for people to do.


10) Be branded

If you have employees, or third parties, tweeting on behalf of your company, make sure that you have some kind of connection with your brand. There is nothing worse than seeing a post from "@joesmith" that will confuse your followers. Show them that this is a true representative of your brand and the message will go further.

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