What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

At some point during a Google search, you have likely seen paid advertisements. The reason so many businesses choose to utilize these paid listings is because they show results, quickly. As a business seeking to gain online exposure, a pay per click advertisement could be the fastest way to gain exposure for your products or services.

Paid advertising allows you to pre-qualify potential customers and show them very specific, targeted messaging. It works by only requiring the advertiser to pay for clicks on their advertisements. These advertisements are only shown when a list of keywords are searched for. Pay Per Click advertisements account for nearly two-thirds of the clicks in a Google Search Engine Results Page.

These paid advertisements take up the first 1-3 spots on a Search Engine Results Page. These advertisements almost always fall above the fold, meaning there is no scrolling on the page to view them. Each time an advertisement is shown, it is called an impression. Paid advertisements are ideal for someone who is ready to purchase a product or service.

Why Use Pay Per Click Advertising?
Reasons Paid Search is Right for Your Organization:
What are the types of Pay Per Click Advertising?
There are a few different types of Paid Search Offerings from Google. These include:
To get started with Pay Per Click Advertising, you need a budget, a page on your website you want to drive traffic to, a list of keywords relevant to that page and specific call to action buttons that will help drive traffic to areas on your website where conversions can happen. These conversions can be tracked in Google AdWords, along with many other metrics. Pay Per Click campaigns require research, testing, and optimization in order to be most successful. Before investing a significant amount of money into Paid Search Advertisements, make sure you are spending every penny effectively.

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By Olivia Hawkins