Search Engine Market Share Trends

With the flurry of search engine changes going on, what with Bing powering Yahoo and Google launching Instant Search, I have been scouring the internet for a pretty graphic to show the trends in the past year for search market share. Guess what? It doesn’t exist in the tidy, easy to digest format I was hoping to find. How is that possible with all of the internet geeks out there? I wanted to remedy that problem, so I present you data junkies with the following abundance of information:

The graph and table below show an average of the top 3 major companies tracking search share data, ComScore, Nielsen and HitWise:

The data that I was really looking for that doesn’t appear anywhere is listed below. You can see a year of trending search share of the big 3 by each company at a glance:

Every attempt will be made to keep this data up-to-date as new information is released. It will be interesting to see how the Google Instant Search launch and the Bing+Yahoo! identical results will play out over the holidays! For more information on Market Share Trends, contact us.

By Lauren Pickens
Director of Operations
Lauren Pickens serves as the Director of Operations at Full Media where she oversees the Sales, Administration, Internet Marketing and Production Departments. Prior to her current role, she served as an Internet Marketing Analyst, where she planed and executed integrated Internet marketing campaigns comprising of paid search, search engine optimization, social media, online public relations, reputation management and anything else that exists online.