Jaemor Farms

Jaemor Farms is a North Georgia produce farm and roadside market providing locally grown fresh produce. Customers can enjoy homegrown strawberries, blackberries, muscadines, scuppernongs, concord grapes, watermelon, squash, tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkins and more during the harvest seasons.

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Full Media provided a 'facelift' to our site more than two years ago -- and yet each quarter since they have continued to find new ways to improve our site that we already love. They stay up to date on keyword research, and keep me updated on the new and improved ways to continue reaching out to our customers. Full Media is the best in the business!

Caroline Lewallen
Agritourism & Marketing Coordinator Jaemor Farms
Alto, Georgia
  • Website Design
  • Internet Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Public Relations
  • Magento e-Commerce

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