Full Media to Sponsor Chattanooga Start-Up Event, "Will This Float?"

<img src="/fullpanel/uploads/files/willthisfloatlogo.jpg" _cke_saved_src="/fullpanel/uploads/files/willthisfloatlogo.jpg" alt="style=" float:right;="" margin-left:15px;"=""><br><br> It’s an exciting time to be a business in Chattanooga. City-wide 1-Gig Internet and positive, forward-thinking minds make Chattanooga a thriving hub of innovation that continues to provide a strong foundation for business development. <br><br> Full Media is proud to announce their partnership with The Company Lab, an organization committed to helping entrepreneurs transform ideas into business. On November 15, the Company Lab will host “Will This Float?,” an event that allows a handful of local entrepreneurs to present a five-minute pitch for their startup in hopes of gaining creative, technical, financial or mentorship support. As a sponsor, Full Media has rolled up our creative sleeves and created a real-time, interactive social media display that will track Twitter activity throughout the event. Individuals are invited to use the hashtag #wtfCHA to participate in the conversation. <br><br> With our ongoing mission to serve and positively impact the people with whom we come in contact, Full Media is excited and honored to be a part of this Chattanooga event, and we look forward to supporting the local startups and entrepreneurs that call Chattanooga home. For more information on “Will This Float?,” please <a href="http://colab.is/event/will-this-float-2/" _cke_saved_href="http://colab.is/event/will-this-float-2/" target="_blank">click here</a>. <br><br>By Maggie Hodges<br>