Full Media Chattanooga Office Discusses Social Media at Ft. Oglethorpe Kiwanis Club

The Ft. Oglethorpe Kiwanis Club recently invited Full Media’s Chattanooga office to host a social media discussion during their monthly membership meeting at Hutchinson Medical Center. As guest presenters, Full Media’s Kevin West and Maggie Hodges provided club members with an overview of social media along with its potential applications and benefits within the Kiwanis Club.

The presentation began with a history of marketing and discussed how advances in technology have precipitated changes in marketing strategies. Members learned more about the ever-increasing impact of search engines and websites on the marketing field and how the interactive market is revolutionizing the way businesses and organizations attract target audiences and advance their missions.

Full Media also discussed the rapidly growing presence of social media and how it impacts individuals’ personal and professional lives. With experience in managing social media outlets for clients of all industries, the Full Media team offered some suggestions on how the Kiwanis Club could utilize social media to improve their internal and external communication.

The meeting concluded with a question-and-answer forum where members posed specific social media questions to the Chattanooga team. Topics included social media’s application to event promotion, member communication and club outreach and the potential benefits that could stem from each of these areas.

“The Full Media team shares a passion for community service, and we are honored to be guest speakers for an organization like the Kiwanis Club that is centered on improving the community of Ft. Oglethorpe,” said Kris Nordholz, Full Media CEO.

He added, “As Full Media continues to grow, we are committed to providing advice, resources and support to our community’s businesses and organizations.”

By Maggie Hodges