Does Your Business "Do Social"?

Does your company have a Facebook page, a Twitter handle or other type of social platform where you can communicate information to your customer and clients?  Do you send an email newsletter or make blog posts about new products or services?  If you said yes to any of these social platforms, your next question should be, “Am I really helping my business through these messages or just entertaining people?”

For example:  you make a Facebook post on your business page regarding a new product you just got in the store.  You include a nice picture of that product, and you explain what  it is, how much it cost, and what quantities, colors and sizes it comes in.  You’ve probably peeked at least one, two or two hundred of your fan’s interest.  Great!  Even better, the next day, you see 50 people respond with a “comment,” “share,” or “like” to the new picture of the product. 

Unfortunately, you didn’t capitalize on this post.  Why?  You ask.  If you didn’t give your customers what they really needed to actually PURCHASE the product, you were merely just waving the carrot in front of their nose when you could have just as simply said, “giddy up.”  If your business has an ecommerce website (where customers can purchase items through your site), then give them a link to the product page where they can click and add the product to the cart.  If you’re not an ecommerce site, then at least give them a link to your website’s home page or even better, a link to directions and hours of operations page.  Find our five more things you can do for your Facebook page here.

This goes for any platform - not just Facebook.  While Tweeting, paste a link in your tweet.  If you need to shorten a link because it’s too long for Twitter’s character limit or it just looks sloppy, Twitter has its own URL shortener.  Make sure in your YouTube profile, LinkedIn page, or blog, you are giving customers who have been intrigued through your information to find out more about you by providing a link to your website.  In any social platform profiles you create should be your home page URL.

At the end of the day, your business is in the business of making more money.  That’s how you keep the lights on and the doors open.  Don’t just provide entertainment to your fans.  Entertain them right on through the checkout process in an easy manner with a link to your site.

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