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Will you be investing in Facebook in 2012?

With the IPO of Facebook (tentatively) set for the spring of 2012, investors from around the world are lining up to get their hands on a piece of the pie.
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Study Published Showing Significant 2011 Budget Increases for Internet-Related Marketing

A new study released by Marketing Sherpa shows proof of what we at Full Media have been experiencing with our own clients over the past few years. Companies are migrating away from the more traditional forms of advertising like print and direct mail (especially the Yellow Pages), and increasing expenditures on internet marketing efforts.
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Google testing “website preview” in search results

Google is experimenting with s new feature that gives searchers a full page preview of websites that are listed in the search engine results. This allows a searcher to see a web page snapshot by hovering over the listing before they click through to the site itself. The Google preview also highlights and magnifies the section of text that contains the search query to give the searcher a peek at the relevance of the site’s content.

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Google Me – The next Facebook?

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It All Starts with a Plan

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