Social Media

The Google +1 Button

Learn more about the impact of the Google +1 button.
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Google's Last Minute Date to the Social Media Party: +1

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Social Media Facts

Social Media: used every day by almost every person you know. Sharing pictures, sharing content, sharing information and looking for information are just a few of the main reasons people utilize social media.

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Using Facebook for Free Market Research

Facebook is everywhere, all the time. Besides updating your friends on what you had for lunch and finding the next "most hilarious YouTube video ever," Facebook has some very helpful uses that are often overlooked. Continue reading to learn ways to leverage Facebook for free market research.
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Search Engine Market Share Trends: Updated

A place for all you search engine geeks and data junkies to get your fix of search engine market share, all in one succinct spot. This post is updated from it's original publishing in September 2010, and includes data through the end of last year.
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