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Full Media Featured in Edge Business Magazine

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6 Things You Should Be Doing on Your Instagram Business Page

While Facebook may be the most popular social media outlet, Instagram has quickly become an effective marketing tool for helping brands and businesses connect with their customers on a different level.
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How to Use Pinterest with Internet Marketing

With the massive audience actively on Pinterest, 70 million as of July 2013, having a presence on the platform is essential. So, as marketers it’s important we utilize what we have, especially something as huge and dominating as this.
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Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Industry?

Most businesses understand the power of online marketing and social media. What many businesses come up against, however, is an overwhelming question of where exactly to start.
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8 Proven Methods of Promoting Your Business Online

Having a website isn't enough. If you aren't being proactive in reaching out to new customers, then it's only a matter of time before your business suffers. We provide 8 proven strategies that will help you promote your business online.
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