Search Engine Optimization

The Power of Guest Blogging

Understanding the power of guest blogging can be extremely beneficial to increasing your presence on the internet and the amount of traffic to your site. When done correctly, you are building lasting relationships that can help your business in more ways than one.
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Local Link Building You May Not Have Thought About

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Five Ways to Optimize Your Google Shopping Product Feed

When Google makes a change or an update to one of its services it is often game changing. As an internet marketer, I am constantly tweaking and refining my SEO strategy to maintain an edge in the online marketing landscape.
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Google+ for Business

Businesses who utilize Google+ pages will not only experience an increase in visibility for local searches but will also benefit in rankings as it is indexed by Google.
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Changing Your Facebook Page Name

In business, change is a part of life. If you’ve gone through a rebranding, acquisition, or just an update and changed your company’s name, you need to make sure that all of your listings and accounts on the Internet are consistent.
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