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Five Easy Solutions to Eliminate Duplicate Content

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6 Tips for Creating Sharable Content

Whether you’re a professional writer/blogger or writing for the company you work for, everyone wants their content to be shared. But how do you write something that people will want to read and pass along? There are several tactics for creating good content but here are 6 simple tips to follow when writing.
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Why Non-Profits Need SEO Too

Your non-profit probably has a website, a Facebook page and maybe even a Google + page if you are particularly savvy. But when it comes to where non-profits are investing their money, educational pamphlets, posters, and direct mail campaigns just aren’t what they used to be. Your community is moving online and SEO is essential if you want to reach them.
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Putting the Public Back in PR: Five Ways Your Digital Press Releases Can Attract More Attention

Gone are the days where attracting online visitors to your digital press release means including exact-matched, highly optimized anchor text within your article. Google has continually disavowed this tactic so that public relations practitioners no longer can rely on this old-school-SEO approach to garnering awareness about their company’s news, services and products.
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Four Reasons Why Hospitals Need SEO

Healthcare providers are responsible for providing the public with the best information possible and encourage intervention when needed. Early intervention and positive provider-patient relationships are vital for the future of public health. Here are a few reasons why hospitals and healthcare providers should be using SEO to reach these users.
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