Robby Monk

Questioning Web Content?

Internet marketing, like other aspects of business is about producing clear, tangible and purposeful results that hopefully lead to increased success of the business as a whole. For most, SEO looks to increase traffic, produce conversions and develop clear, guiding ideas about how people are coming in contact with your business and how you might be able to improve that exposure. That’s exactly why content is such a difficult concept to discuss when it comes to SEO. There are no tangible results to report. There are no ROI numbers to justify the hours of effort involved with writing good content. So why is content so important? Isn’t it just an aspect of your web presence that supports other SEO efforts? Isn’t it more important to produce an “optimized” site that’s well-developed to catch the attention of search engines? Sadly it’s not. Search engines today know businesses want to be seen by them. What they want to see is if your business is being seen by consumers. Not them.
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The Google +1 Button

Learn more about the impact of the Google +1 button.
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U-G-L-Y You Ain't Got no Alibi

We provide 6 of the ugliest websites that you can actually find online. Enjoy!
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Three Years of Teamwork

Full Media is celebrating three years of being in business. Teamwork is a major reason we have been able to help our clients achieve their goals.
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Will you be investing in Facebook in 2012?

With the IPO of Facebook (tentatively) set for the spring of 2012, investors from around the world are lining up to get their hands on a piece of the pie.
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