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Facebook inches past Google for web users' time

Employers are constantly worried about how their employees spend their time while at work. comScore Inc recently revealed some interesting statistics about web usage that may turn the heat up for many of those worried employers.
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Google Music to take on iTunes

With this week’s announcement of a new breed of iPods and the launch of iTunes 10 with integrated social networking, it’s clear that Apple has forever changed the way we purchase and enjoy music. Commanding nearly 30% of the market share of all online music purchases, iTunes continues to gain steam over online rivals Amazon and Wal-Mart (each holding a 12% stake).

But internet giant Google is readying a competing service that will be introduced later this year.
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Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

In today's fast paced culture, most of us are probably guilty of impatience. We want it and we want it now. And usually we can get it now. I can download just about any song ever sung in less than 10 seconds at the iTunes store. If I want to see an old clip from the classic A-Team television series, YouTube can give it to me right now. And if I have a question for a college friend, his Facebook wall is accessible on my laptop…and he lives in Australia.
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Just Sell One

Don't Over Think the Path to Success

I went to business school, but I don’t remember much of what I learned. I do remember writing a lot of mock business plans and developing a lot of mock financial projections. But I’m not sure why. The truth is as business people, we’ve been trained to obsess over long term planning. How many entrepreneurs spend countless hours writing 10 year business plans complete with detailed financial projections only to eventually put those plans in a drawer on their way to a day job that they hate?
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A New Kind of Web Company

The Same Principles of Success Still Apply

Traditionally, web providers have fallen into two categories: freelancers and professional agencies.

Most freelancers are less expensive, but they usually have a more limited skill set. And since many freelancers provide web design or internet marketing services only after they’ve finished their "day job," they are not always as reliable as you would like.
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