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What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

At some point during a Google search, you have likely seen paid advertisements. The reason so many businesses choose to utilize these paid listings is because they show results, quickly. As a business seeking to gain online exposure, a pay per click advertisement could be the fastest way to gain exposure for your products or services.
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SEO for Reputation Management

Let’s talk public relations. Cultivating a positive public opinion is incredibly important for any professional. Perhaps you simply want people to know you for a certain thing or maybe you’ve crossed paths with some people who decided to talk badly about you on the Internet. SEO can help with that! Here are some SEO tips to help you manage your reputation online.
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Retargeting Tricks: How Are These Banner Ads Following Me Around?

Remarketing is a feature within many ad networks, most notably Google AdWords, which allows you to show specific ads to people who have visited your website.
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FAQs on Google Small Business Tools: AdWords, Analytics & Places

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Google's Last Minute Date to the Social Media Party: +1

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