A New Kind of Web Company

The Same Principles of Success Still Apply

Traditionally, web providers have fallen into two categories: freelancers and professional agencies.

Most freelancers are less expensive, but they usually have a more limited skill set. And since many freelancers provide web design or internet marketing services only after they’ve finished their "day job," they are not always as reliable as you would like.
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The Next Right Thing

Staying Focused in a World of Increasing Complexity

In today's world with so much complexity and so many moving parts, it is easy to become paralyzed by all of the things we could (and maybe “should”) be doing.

Imagine how great your marriage could be in 10 years. Now list everything you should do between now and then to get you there. Imagine how great your business could be in 10 years. Now imagine all the marketing programs you should start, all the people you should hire or all the products you should develop to ensure that your business becomes all it can be.
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