Lauren Pickens

AdWords and Google Instant Search

What does Google Instant mean for AdWords users? Read about what has changed, what hasn't, and my first-hand account of results after the first month of implementation.
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Yahoo! and Bing Search Alliance: Organic Marriage

In my last post on the Yahoo!/Bing merger I talked about the partnership announced about a year ago where Microsoft will be powering both organic and paid search for Bing AND Yahoo! It was announced August 24, 2010 that the switch for organic results is official in the US and Canada markets with other markets to soon follow. This is applicable for all natural search results including Web, Image and Video.
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Search Engine Market Share Trends

Finally! A place for all you search engine geeks and data junkies to get your fix of search engine market share, all in one succinct spot.
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Yahoo! and Bing take on Goliath

In July of 2009 Yahoo! and Microsoft announced a search partnership that would attempt to chip away at the massive market share that Google currently controls of the search market. This is a Battle Royale for a larger slice of the multi-billion-searches-per-month pie, hitting a record the same month of 10.5 billion. Coincidence? Perhaps.
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