Lauren Pickens

Using Facebook for Free Market Research

Facebook is everywhere, all the time. Besides updating your friends on what you had for lunch and finding the next "most hilarious YouTube video ever," Facebook has some very helpful uses that are often overlooked. Continue reading to learn ways to leverage Facebook for free market research.
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Bing Caught With Their Hands in the Google Cookie Jar Honeypot

February 1st, search engine reporter Danny Sullivan broke the story that Google recently found evidence that Bing has been "copying" Google results. Google claims that Bing has been watching how people search on Google, which listing they choose, and using that data to fine-tune their own results. The saga of how Google came to such audacious allegations is quite an interesting story, which I have summarized here.

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Search Engine Market Share Trends: Updated

A place for all you search engine geeks and data junkies to get your fix of search engine market share, all in one succinct spot. This post is updated from it's original publishing in September 2010, and includes data through the end of last year.
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Google's Little Blue Arrow

Wondering what that tiny blue arrow is doing sitting at the top of your Google search results page? Or do you already know what it does and what to get rid of it? Read more here.
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Study Published Showing Significant 2011 Budget Increases for Internet-Related Marketing

A new study released by Marketing Sherpa shows proof of what we at Full Media have been experiencing with our own clients over the past few years. Companies are migrating away from the more traditional forms of advertising like print and direct mail (especially the Yellow Pages), and increasing expenditures on internet marketing efforts.
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