Internet Marketing

What You Need to Know about Privacy Policies

A company’s privacy policy does not often get a lot of attention, but in some instances, like when Facebook was charged with violations in 2011, it can create quite the stir when there is a disparity between what you say you are doing and what you are actually doing.
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How to Use Google Tag Manager, Part 1

You may have heard about Google’s spiffy new tool, Google Tag Manager, but you are among a select few if you actually understand how it works.
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Are You Owning Your Brand in Search?

It is the golden age for brands on the Internet.
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Why Content On Your Website Is So Important

Having a beautiful website doesn’t always ensure it will be seen. In order for your website to show up in the search results, search engines have to know what your website is about.
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The Cycle of Creating Content for Clients

In the world of Internet marketing, if you haven’t heard the phrase “content is king,” you have been missing a very large component of your SEO strategy.
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