Internet Marketing

The Power of Calls to Action

Whether your goal is to turn prospects into buyers or to obtain contact information for generating leads, a strong and effective call to action is essential for pointing users in the direction of the conversion.
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How to Use Pinterest with Internet Marketing

With the massive audience actively on Pinterest, 70 million as of July 2013, having a presence on the platform is essential. So, as marketers it’s important we utilize what we have, especially something as huge and dominating as this.
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How to Benefit From an On-Site Blog

Not every site or company needs to host their own blog; however, for some companies on-site blogs can be helpful for potential customers, current customers and for the general public.
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Google Carousel: A Change for Small Businesses to Embrace

Google Carousel presents a tremendous opportunity for small businesses and am hopeful that the following tips will help many different businesses take advantage of this change and gain a positive benefit for their company.
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Make Your Website More Dynamic with Video

It’s no surprise that people love watching videos. The popularity of YouTube alone attests to that. But what does that mean for you and your website? Is there a way to harness the power of video and use it as a marketing tool? Of course!
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