A Foundation for Responsive Design in Today's Consumer Market

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Meet Andrea.

Andrea Hutcherson is one of the many creative members on our website design team at Full Media. A 2008 graduate of Georgia Southern University, she studied Anthropology and minored in Information Technology.
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The Importance of Quality Photography for Your Website

Photography is a great way to connect with your target audience; people who come to your site want to see your product or service. Yes, they want to read about what you do or offer, but first they want to see an example. Why should we think that giving them a second rate example is acceptable?
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Designing Unique Websites with Personality

Whether you are re-inventing an existing website, or creating a new design from scratch, composing an idea that is both innovative and unique for your clients can be both exciting and challenging.
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Usability vs. Design

Website creation can sometimes walk a fine line between beautiful design and practical functionality. These two sides always seem to be at odds with one another at some point during the creation of a website. As a designer you want a site to be a feast for the eyes, something that sets the client apart from everyone else. As a developer, you want it as easy to use as possible for a wide audience of users. What many people forget is that usability and design must go hand in hand, harmoniously; a successful website cannot have one without the other.
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