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Reputation Management: What are people saying about your organization?

Rating sites, blogs, forums, Facebook and Twitter have made it easy for your customers to share their product or service performance thoughts, customer service experiences, and overall satisfaction level. Are you listening to what they have to say?
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Google testing “website preview” in search results

Google is experimenting with s new feature that gives searchers a full page preview of websites that are listed in the search engine results. This allows a searcher to see a web page snapshot by hovering over the listing before they click through to the site itself. The Google preview also highlights and magnifies the section of text that contains the search query to give the searcher a peek at the relevance of the site’s content.

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Fun with Analytics

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Google Me – The next Facebook?

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Is mobile marketing in your future?

It seems that we have gone device crazy. New smart phones are everywhere and carriers can’t keep the popular models in stock. Millions of us are now choosing to take our important data and connections on the road. Talking, texting, exchanging email, accessing work documents, searching, shopping, checking weather, taking pictures, and watching video are just a few of the ways we can interact with a modern mobile device. In fact, for many people the smart phone or tablet (i.e. iPad) has replaced the need for a traditional laptop.

No other device is as personal and interactive as a cell phone. And it’s generally no farther away than an arm’s reach. That 3.5” screen is our window to the world and advertisers are starting to see the potential of such a directly targeted medium.
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