Andrea Hutcherson

Colors in Design: Why They Matter

As one of the most important aspects of any design, color MATTERS. It is the first thing a user sees, the first impact you can make to a client. Most people on average will decide if they like a brand based on color alone.
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Usability vs. Design

Website creation can sometimes walk a fine line between beautiful design and practical functionality. These two sides always seem to be at odds with one another at some point during the creation of a website. As a designer you want a site to be a feast for the eyes, something that sets the client apart from everyone else. As a developer, you want it as easy to use as possible for a wide audience of users. What many people forget is that usability and design must go hand in hand, harmoniously; a successful website cannot have one without the other.
Posted: August 31st, 2012 | Permalink
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