Avoiding Spam Filters in Your Email Marketing Campaign

For anyone who has ever put together an email newsletter campaign, there is nothing more frustrating than knowing that all of your hard work has ended up in someone’s spam filter. Adding to that frustration level is the fact that you are not selling magic pills nor are you an exceedingly benevolent prince from a faraway land just trying to get a little help on a money order.  While there are certainly external factors that you cannot control, there are quite a few variables that you can control when trying to avoid spam filters. Here are a few basic tips to help guide your email to its proper destination.

The overall key to creating an email marketing campaign is to be natural and genuine. Be the voice and image that your company constantly projects, and do not feel as if you have to resort to tricks that deviate from what you are. This basic premise, combined with the guidelines outlined in this article, will go a long way in helping your message reach and impact its intended audience.

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By Pete Intza